Communiqué de presse (îles anglo-normandes) / Press release (Channel Islands)

The UK and the Channel Islands are invited to take part to the  Normandy Celebration in september

Why not go out all together to celebrate Normandy, on the occasion of « Saint-Michael’s » Day ? The « Fête des Normands » (Normandy Celebration), which was spontaneously celebrated all around Normandy in 2013 (fisrt edition), is an opportunity to put Red and Gold all over our beautiful Region, to taste Norman culinary specialties, to dress up, to decorate shops, bars, schools, town halls, to speak about Normandy’s history and so much more ! All Norman people, including the Britons, and the whole world, are invited to take initiatives and to organise celebrations ! To find more information about this event or for sharing celebrations ideas, visit

With your help, this week-end could become THE Rendez-vous to celebrate Normandy and the norman friendship !

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